Item #: SCP-3007

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Anyone experiencing SCP-3007-1, known as SCP-3007-2, is to be killed on-site. Civilians with knowledge of SCP-3007-1 are to amnesticized.

Laconic Description: A hallucination experienced by randomly-selected people in which they are teleported to a strange alternate universe, although their physical bodies remain on Earth. While in the hallucination, named SCP-3007-3, any injuries sustained will be suffered in the real world as well.

Descriptions of SCP-3007-3 are more or less the same between SCP-3007-2 instances, appearing to be an ashen, ruined city devoid of plants, animals, and humans, although the area is littered with mutilated corpses of various animals, humans, and strange creatures. A large black pillar stands at the center of the city with a staircase going up and around it. The pillar is covered in strange paintings depicting a red essence taking over and destroying the city/planet. The final painting shows the red essence making its way towards Earth.

Additional Context: The article features a variety of detailed digital depictions of the paintings on the black pillar and has gained much clout on the site from such. SCP-3007 was also an entry in the SCP-3000 Contest, where it won 13th place.

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