Item #: SCP-3003

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Since it's in space it can't directly access Earth or vice versa, aside from a single portal connecting the two. Containment consists of making inhabitants of SCP-3003 think that Earth is uninhabitable to their beetles.

Laconic Description: SCP-3003 is a planet rotating the star HIP 56948. It is inhabited by several anomalous species, including 30 billion humans all parasitized by beetle-like organisms themselves being parasitized by amoeba-like microorganisms.

Infection by the microorganisms makes people's entire minds revolve around the beetles: all they want is to think about the beetles, experience the beetles, host more beetles, and make sure that other people host even more beetles. Everything they do — technology, culture, society — is beetle-centric.

Infected people don't lose their intelligence or drive, though, so they've taken over their entire planet and basically turned it into a beetle factory. Worse, they want to keep expanding, and Earth is a tempting target: they'd like to take over Earth's population, infect us all, and overwrite all human consciousness and civilization with more beetles.

Additional Context: SCP-3003 was an entry in the SCP-3000 Contest and won 5th place.

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