Item #: SCP-3000-EX

Object Class: Explained

Laconic Containment Procedures: All items have been returned to civilian authorities.

Laconic Description: SCP-3000 was a series of modified hospital beds, originally hypothesized to have mind-altering properties, but have since been found to be non-anomalous. A series of related items, including handcuffs and steak knives, were also recovered.

These items were brought to Foundation agents' attention in 1987, following the discovery by police of multiple corpses in the basement of a house in Arlington, Texas. These corpses were handcuffed to the hospital beds, were holding a steak knife in their hand, and had seemingly disemboweled themselves with the knives. Suspecting compulsive properties of the beds, Foundation agents removed them for testing, along with the other items, and administered amnestics to the police.

The owner of the house, Carl Fraser, had been arrested by the police. The Foundation took him into custody and interrogated him. During questioning, Carl said that he had kidnapped several boys because they were beautiful, but they became less beautiful and eventually died. He then says that, in order to stay beautiful, they had to eat themselves, so he starved them and then placed a cold steak on their stomach to trick them into eating their own flesh, but they were too weak to hold the knife and so he had to help them. A polygraph test revealed that Carl had no knowledge of magic or any Groups of Interest.

Carl was released back into police custody. At the trial, the police officer in charge of the murder case could not recall the events during the discovery of the bodies or arrest (because the Foundation had amnestized him), and could not account for gaps in the custody of key evidence (because the Foundation had destroyed it). As such, the case was thrown out of court.

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