Item #: SCP-2998

Object Class: Varies

Laconic Containment Procedures: See description.

Laconic Description: This SCP is structured as a story told by the evolution of the SCP-2998 file. Basically, an alien named Ruhar kills the family of an alien named Adidal, and Ruhar gets punished for this by becoming a radio frequency that decodes into a video and is broadcasted all across earth. Some people when they watch the video produced become possessed by the aliens, referred to as "Lox". Ruhar is killed by the Foundation(?). The highly religious Lox invade earth and try to take it over, brainwashing people, but end up needing to take care of various anomalies and SCP's as well as a result. The document changes drastically as it goes, starting off with just describing a weird radio frequency, and ending with a completely different document written by Lox and being used as a method of communication between two surviving humans.

Note: I am not sure. I read the whole thing and I don't think I actually understand it at all. If you understand it better please provide a better description. Thank you.

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