Item #: SCP-2939

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-2939 cannot be contained. However, a committee has been established to document manifestations of SCP-2939 while containment procedures are being finalized.

Laconic Description: SCP-2939 is the anomalous manifestation of the words "BIG NARF" in plans and promotions for various events located in the Pacific Northwest. When the two words are placed through this phenomenon, something will happen that stops the event from occurring, whether through cancellation or an unfortunate incident.

The Foundation has theorized several reasons SCP-2939 may be occurring, such as to avert a potential disaster being exacerbated by congregations of people, harming those hosting affected events, and even simply to draw the ire of the Foundation.

By the end, a document can be found that reveals the leader of the committee in the current containment procedures has somehow been mentally affected by "BIG NARF," and is thus unable to schedule or organize anything.

Additional Context: SCP-2939 originated as a dream in which the author coldposted an SCP consisting solely of the words "BIG NARF" to the mainlist, after which they received hundreds of downvotes and got banned solely because of how ridiculous such a coldpost would be. After a long hiatus, "BIG NARF" was reworked into a functional SCP and posted without much explanation.

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