Item #: SCP-2905

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-2905 must wear protective gear when handling it, and if bitten, should be given immediate medical aid.

Laconic Description: SCP-2905 is a circular garden near Japan that consists of 14 internal circles alternating between a gravel path and rose plants. In the center of the circles, there is a statue of a kneeling woman made of branches and webbing named "Nao" that contains a humanoid body.

Intermixed with the rose plants are colonies of "rose spiders" camouflaging as rose plants that can create webbing and inject toxins with their thorny legs. They take care of the garden. Every month, a few dozen spiders enter the statue to presumably feed the large mirror spider contained in the statue. Gradually, the entity seems to be regaining consciousness.

A monkey and peacock statue were first found in the flower ring, and a book was discovered in both of them. The books were the aforementioned Nao's diaries. As part of the Pitch Haven series, Nao is the apprentice of a certain Healer Izaak. She learns many skills and becomes better at healing, especially with her inherent skills as a spider. This was written in the monkey statue.

In the peacock statue, Nao is no longer an apprentice and is now a fully fledged Healer and has her own building. She requests and obtains rose spiders (Those found in SCP-2905).

A spider statue contained another similar diary, which was given to the Foundation by the spiders in exchange for a hyena statue they attempted to retrieve. It describes the aftermath of a celebration and the burning down of Nao's building. Nao describes chaos and the fighting of the residents of the region. She observes some friends die and afterwards her friends murdering and cannibalising others. She escapes from a presumed attack with help from the rose spiders. Nao then begins to be hungry.

She finds Izaak and he gives her a specific mixture and then then leaves. Jasst attacks her and she is forced to use the mixture to defend herself, dissolving her attacker. This is meant to assist her to make a body to preserve her in an unknown way. Eventually, she becomes SCP-2905. The statues containing the books are symbols of her friends.

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