Item #: SCP-2895

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep it in a regular wildlife containment cell for arachnids, with the interior covered in wax so it doesn't attach its stinger to the walls. Take samples of its shell every six months for study since it's already gone past normal lifespans for arachnids.

Laconic Description: A small scorpion with a colorless soft piece of exposed flesh instead of a stinger. If any object comes into contact with the "stinger", it attaches itself to the scorpion's tail and merges with its body, adopting its temperature and getting filled with rattlesnake venom. 2895 can detach objects from its tail at will, but it's apparently painful. It's generally docile, even submissive with other arachnids, and it either wants to be a normal scorpion or is scared of them based on drawings of scorpions with particularly emphasized stingers it made.

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