Di Molte Voci

Item #: SCP-2864 (not numbered in-universe, instead referred to by its mainlist nickname "Di Molte Voci")

Laconic Containment Procedures: Di Molte Voci is contained at Site-82 in a standard lockbox. Information affected by Di Molte Voci is to be placed into soft quarantine, and Site-82 is to be sanitized weekly with Class-3G amnestics to prevent Di Molte Voci from spreading.

Di Molte Voci cannot, and, to save time and resources, should not be attempted to be documented as a regular SCP article.

Laconic Description: Di Molte Voci is a glass harlequin carnival mask. Information regarding it will usually be replaced with a transcription of any discussion surrounding said information. Because of this, Di Molte Voci cannot be assigned an SCP number, with the staff discussing its containment electing to use the above nickname instead. "Di Molte Voci" is Italian for "out of many voices."

As of August 8th, 2012, Di Molte Voci has affected 721 pieces of information along with 45 attempts at documenting it formally.

Di Molte Voci was recovered by a vacationing doctor in Sicily, Italy1, where Dr. Kojo had bartered it from an antique shop, only to soon realize its anomalous properties.

Additional Context: Di Molte Voci was created as the result of an idea formulated by the author where the SCP would be told in notes instead of formal documentation.

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