Item #: SCP-286

Laconic Containment Procedures: Its to be kept in a normal cell that has an open secure perimeter of at least 50m radius. Originally experimentation was allowed but due to a discovery experimentation was banned. Surveillance must be continuous.

Laconic Description: It is a carved stone game board to play the chinese game of liubo. If a higher order mammal touches SCP-286 pieces will appear, one set light and one set dark and two dice. If the player touches it in light they will play with the light set and vice versa. After a dice roll another opponent will appear and play on the other team. It was discovered playing the game resulted in various natural disasters based on which side wins.

Additional Context: This is one of the small inclinations towards the "he who made light" and "he who made dark" mythos created by sandrewswann

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