Item #: SCP-2785

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep in standard Euclid-class containment cell. Nothing is to be left in its containment cell. Doesn't need to eat or drink. No metals allowed in its cell. Outer layer of cell is to be covered in a layer of lead that's checked biweekly for damages.

Laconic Description: It is a 1.2 metre robot that can move and speak Russian and English. It is polite when it's not in SCP-2785-1 events.
SCP-2785-A is three green gears that seem to be the source of it's anomalous properties.

Once a year an SCP-2785-1 event will happen, it has 4 phases

Collection: It will roam and try to collect materials well disregarding staff and avoiding obstacles. Once it has collected enough it will move on to the next phase.

Construction: It will use the materials to try and create the frame of a robot similar to itself. It can be anywhere from 43% to 66% completion during this phase.

Transfer: It will take out its chest cavity and put it in the robot it created and die. The robot it created becomes SCP-2785.

Finalization: The new robot will transfer all internal parts of the previous one into itself. Once it is 100% complete it will resume normal behaviour.

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