Scp 2774

SCP 2774, Katering also known as the slow burn sloth is not safe. Must be red green color blind for test. Do Not look at if not. Causes panic attacks in 50% of the people who look at it. The other 50% of them are forced to do what it want's them to. A man dressed as a sloth shows up on t.v. Held on scp site 34-j all road's leading to it are blocked off and are filled with armed guards. Any one who sees it that is not apart of the scp foundation will be issued a memory erased until a cure is found. Give any one who is infected a amnesia sick. test on scp 999 to see if it will save any one with scp 2774 there also test him with scp 001 and lock scp 2774 in storage 34-6. People infected use Muscle memories slow reaction time. No emotion's 150 seconds were they can talk with no commands. Passive and complaint with personal. Willing to answer basic questions like yes or no and following commands. Victims can not control their actions. They look conscious or awake.

Located in Canada

  1. make a cure
  2. kill the infected who try to kill you
  3. Don't take pictures of it
  4. Kill the class d infected if they try spreading it via picture video camera.
  5. Scp 2774 and scp 4205 #1 will the amber eye work on this scp and will it work on an effected person.
  6. test #4 scp 049 and scp 2774 will have scp 049 in a room with an effected person see if he will do surgery on them

Originally By a person named Nick Lumcheack who saw scp-2774 and made a voice document. That was transferred to the foundation The man confessed in it that scp-2774 would yell at him in his sleep. During the time they could be in control of their own body. He said. "I feel it watching me yelling at me. I can't take it If there is a group that could help" He claimed that it was very bad

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