Object Class: Euclid

Item #: SCP-2721

Laconic Containment Procedures: Self-containing.

Laconic Description: SCP-2721 is a thing orbiting around the Moon, in such a way that it's always hidden behind it and can't be seen normally. It's made up of two personalities: SCP-2721-LYRE ("Lyris") and SCP-2721-LORD ("Eli"). It's part organic, part machine. The Foundation thinks it's a space weapon that has caused extinction events on faraway planets; Lyris scouts planets, and Eli attacks them.

Lyris runs an art-blog/Homestuck fan-blog. She presents herself as a transgender woman and identifies strongly with Calliope, who is a character in Homestuck.1 On her blog, Lyris explains via text posts that she's extremely uncomfortable with her body—which is a big flesh-tumor in space, covered in eyeballs—and is regretful of her actions (read: planet-killing) before starting her Tumblr.

i've done terribel things, back when i didn't know what i was, back before i felt good about myself… i mean i didn't know they were bad, i guess, but does that excuse me? i don't think, no, i know the kind of shit i did could not be excused

Since then, she's formed a better relationship with Eli, has exposed it to Homestuck, and considers it her moirail.2

Eli and i had a talk last night. i think i feel better. it loves me. and i love it. i think i have the best moirail in the world. i'm glad we're both not interested in, like, sex stuff. that certainly helps… but just, in general, Eli understands me like no one else could. we've been together so long, it's a part of me, honestly.

Eli runs its own personal blog, which is private. Eli isn't one for prose and talks in a stilted, exact way compared to Lyris—it's clear it only created the blog for her sake, because Lyris is its scout and it obeys her commands. It thinks humor and love is strange and silently resents it, and it thinks that Lyris is malfunctioning or broken. But it cares, and wants to make her happy, and so does what she asks, and tells her she's beautiful and important. It decides that it isn't its place to fix her.

I told her that she was beautiful. I do not know beautiful, but to tell her such a thing is to make her happy.

Eli asks Lyris to draw them both—as they are now, not as Lyris wishes they looked. She refuses initially, but decides Eli matters enough to her that it's worth the discomfort. Eli, for all its coldness and cynicism, is so extremely moved by the image that it decides its new "purpose" is ensuring Lyris's happiness at any cost.

I think she is beautiful, and she is my friend.

She is beautiful, even if she thinks she is a monster.

Additional Context: Eli's transition to good appears complete and genuine—it is currently the no-nonsense head moderator of the GoI-5869 "Gamers Against Weed" chatroom, under the screen name "Bones".

SCP-2721 is also among most controversial articles on the SCP wiki due to the nature of it's narrative, being received by many as "cringey" and "fandom trash" Following criticisms from several YouTubers and 4chan threads calling for its deletion, the article was made "protected" by the SCP wiki admins and is now permanently embedded in the site.

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