Item #: SCP-2719

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-2719 should not be altered/used and therefore kept 'inside.'

Laconic Description: SCP-2719 assigns concepts and meanings revolving around the concept of 'inside.' Making inside x will change the reference of 'inside' to be x. Putting y inside x assigns y to be within the constraints and definition of x. This can be either literal or with respect to aspect.

Laconic Experimental Data: In the experiments, various people, places, and things became or went 'inside.' The first part indicates that a 2008 Opel Astra was the inside, but this was changed to a D-Class.

Experiment #1: They sent several D-Class to be inside, with them going into the car. During this part, one of the D-Class became 'inside.' Then another D-class went inside this one, and then became 'distressed.' This can taken two ways: Either they literally went inside the other D-Class, killing them, or they became the other D-class, both of which would cause a lot of confusion. It was most likely the former, as the next part has the inside dying, due to the containment unit probably killing them by physically going inside them, which could not happen if they died in the first part.

Experiment #2: The city becomes inside. In order to prevent further damage or harm coming to the residents, they have the residents go inside.

Experiment #3: They are trying to contain 682 by assigning a containment unit inside and trying to have 682 go inside. 682 then becomes inside then goes inside itself, culminating into it becoming outside of itself, indicating the failure of SCP-2719 from containing or terminating SCP-682.

Experiment #4: Dr. Zermelo assigns O5 as inside, then goes inside, becoming an O5, specifically O5-7. Another person then assigns punishment as inside, then has O5-7 go inside.

Experiment #5: Dr. Bright is probably having some stomach problems, so he assigns himself as inside then has intestinal distress go outside, getting rid of the problems. As it seems to be some sort of pranks that is the source of the distress, he then assigns intestinal distress as inside and has the prankster go inside, giving them stomach problems.

Experiment #6: What happened in experiment #2 happens again and the Foundation solves it the same way.

Experiment #7: Various O5s try and achieve transcendence by assigning transcendence as inside and trying to go inside. However, they all fail, becoming inside themselves. However, O5-4 is successful, and transcends. Either the other O5s or O5-4 themselves then assign transcendence as outside in order to either return O5-4 to their original form or to prevent any more O5s from transcending.

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