Item #: SCP-2719

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep SCP-2719 inside by pointing it at itself. Personnel who are both sapient and biological must not receive further information about SCP-2719.

Laconic Description: SCP-2719 refers to two spells called "pointers" all beings who are both sapient and biological can cast with enough information about them. The first spell makes its target "become inside" by SCP-2719 designating them with the arbitrary title of "inside" without physically or conceptually affecting them. Only one target may hold this title at a time; upon the spell naming a new target, no matter the caster, the current target loses the title. The second spell makes its target "go inside" by relocating them to inside whatever currently holds SCP-2719's title of "inside" without physically or conceptually changing. This relocation can be either literal or metaphorical, depending on if the targets are physical or conceptual. The second spell executes the most humanly sensible interpretation. If SCP-2719 targets something outside its scope or attempts the second spell when "going inside" doesn't make sense, it fails and returns a response of "outside."

Laconic Experimental Data:

Experiment #1: Initially, a 2008 Opel Astra held the title of "inside." The Foundation casts the second spell on D-5789 and D-5794, physically moving them inside the car. They then designate D-5796 as "inside" with the first spell and physically shove D-5802 and Containment Unit 2719-A inside them with the second, first causing D-5796 distress (likely by making D-5802 sexually penetrate D-5796) and then killing them. The Foundation also makes Containment Unit 2719-B go inside the deceased D-5796's corpse with the second spell. They then redesignate Containment Unit 2719-C as "inside" before injecting D-5803, D-5805, and D-5812 inside it. After these experiments, the Foundation temporarily designates D-5813 and Containment Unit 2719-B as "inside" in that order, yet does nothing to them for an unstated reason.

Experiment #2: The Foundation designates Uleåborg, Finland, as "inside" and has its residents go inside it to evacuate them for an unstated purpose.

Experiment #3: The Foundation assigns Containment Unit 682-V as "inside" and sends SCP-682 inside it for containment. They then designate SCP-682 as "inside" and inject it inside itself three times. SCP-682 then adapts to resist SCP-2719, causing another use of one of the spells on it to fail and return a result of "outside."

Experiment #4: Dr. Zermelo assigns "O5" as "inside" and makes himself go inside, changing reality to become O5-7. Another person then designates "punishment" as "inside" and makes O5-7 go inside to punish Dr. Zermelo.

Experiment #5: Dr. ████ assigns Dr. Bright as "inside" and tries to make "intestinal distress" go inside to give Dr. Bright stomach problems. The spell fails, and "intestinal distress" returns "outside," possibly due to SCP-963 resisting SCP-2719. After noting the "nice try," Dr. Bright assigns "intestinal distress" as "inside" and makes Dr. ████ go inside, giving Dr. ████ stomach problems and a warning not to do it again.

Experiment #6: The Foundation designates Taree, Australia, as "inside" and makes its population go inside it for an unstated reason.

Experiment #7: O5-1, O5-2, and O5-3 attempt transcendence using SCP-2719. To do so, they assign "transcendence" as "inside" and try to make themselves go inside. However, when they try to cast the second spell on themselves after targeting "transcendence" with the first, they keep defaulting to the first spell for some reason. O5-4 then successfully transcends by casting the first spell on "transcendence" and the second on themselves. Another three attempts to target "transcendence" with SCP-2719's pointers all fail and return results of "outside." As such, the concept of transcendence is likely now immune to SCP-2719.

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