Item #: SCP-2718

Object Class: No object class is listed

Laconic Containment Procedures: The page loads with the SCP number constantly changing and several lines of dialogue telling you to back out of the article and do anything but read this SCP's description. It constantly states that DAMMERUNG clearance is needed to view the Description. The page is also written to say that it is an infohazard. If you keep reading anyway, you also find out that the page is incredibly hard to find in the database, and that the Foundation is doing all it can to make it even harder.

Laconic Description: SCP-2718 is the fact that your mind/consciousness remains in your corpse after you die, causing you to feel your body decaying, being eaten, etc. This doesn't stop when your body is destroyed — you're just in that indescribable agony, on and on, forever. The O5 Council finds this out after they resurrect O5-11 and he tells them what he experienced after death.

The O5 Council is so incredibly terrified at this concept and its implications that they begin planning to completely erase human death. Other O5s realize that they're way too frightened of this — irrationally, anomalously frightened — so instead they must erase the knowledge from everyone involved's memory. O5-11 decides that people have a right to know, so she escapes the amnestics, effectively locks the Description of SCP-2718's document from ever being edited or deleted again, and uses it to tell the whole story. The rest of the Council kills her just as she finishes, wipes everyone's minds of everything related to SCP-2718, and makes the document as hard to find as possible, going so far as to class it as an infohazard.

Additional Context: O5-11 is said to have at one point begged an "Apex-tier Pluripotent Entity" (a god the Foundation managed to capture) for immortality, and is laughingly denied. In the end, O5-11 ends up escaping before the mind wiping begins and proceeds to SCP-106's chamber. He'd rather live forever in eternal torture than go through the hell of SCP-2718 again.

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