Item #: SCP-2718

Object Class: Dammerung (A class specific to SCP-2718 with no actual definition)

Laconic Containment Procedures: The page and SCP Database have been structured to make it as difficult as possible to access. The Special Containment Procedures beg the reader to do anything but read the Description. This is followed by more warnings, more begging, and a memetic kill agent.

Laconic Description: SCP-2718 is the fact that your mind/consciousness remains in your corpse after you die, causing you to feel your body decaying, being eaten, etc. This doesn't stop when your body is destroyed — you're just in that indescribable agony, on and on, forever. The O5 Council finds this out after they resurrect O5-11 and he tells them what he experienced after death.

The O5 Council is so incredibly terrified at this concept and its implications that they begin planning to completely Neutralize death. Other O5s realize that they can't live with the knowledge of such an indescribable horror and decide that SCP-2718 is to be completely expunged, even from the Council's own memories.

O5-11 decides that people have a right to know. O5-7 agrees, escapes, records a log detailing all she knows about SCP-2718, and permanently locks the document from ever being deleted or the Description from being edited. She is killed, O5-11 willingly surrenders himself to SCP-106 to live forever in his pocket dimension, and everyone's minds are wiped of everything related to SCP-2718.

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