Item #: SCP-2602

Laconic Containment Procedures: It used to be a library. It is obscured by trees & bushes. Anything info related to SCP-2602, whether it be digital or physical, is destroyed or deleted.

Laconic Description: SCP-2602 used to be a library for a majority of the 20th century.1 Anybody talking about SCP-2602 feel the need to reference the fact that SCP-2602 used to be a library. People who do not know anything about SCP-2602 except that it used to be a library may remove these aforementioned references.2 Info about SCP-2602 is also anomalous.

People don't really know what happened in the time between SCP-2602 stopped being a library and became anomalous.

It has Dewey radiation.

Additional Context: The SCP was based on the author's hometown's fire station, which used to be a library.

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