Item #: SCP-2574

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-2574 can't be physically contained, and too many people know about it for amnestics to work. The Foundation is trying to keep the peace with governments in affected areas experiencing the backlash, and keep them from trying to attack SCP-2574 with military force, because it won't work.

The GOC and the Foundation have a way to erase SCP-2574 from the public memory and change people's temperaments to be more docile after SCP-2574 made them angrier. It's two parts which don't work without the other, so they can't use them against each other.

Laconic Description: SCP-2574 is a giant stone lion which is slowly making its way towards the site of Franz Ferdinand's assassination. The area around SCP-2574 turns into a WWI combat zone in various different ways. Wherever it goes, it increases discontent with the government and government force against civilians, because it contains all the raw energy and conflict of WWI in itself. Things get worse and worse as it gets closer to its destination, which it will reach pretty soon.

Additional Context: SCP-2574 appears to be the subject of W. B. Yeats' poem "What Rough Beast." Yeats figured out that as it gets closer to its destination, civilization spirals out of control and into chaos. Gavrilo Princip also appears to have known about it in some way, having also seen the "spiral" pattern, and appears to have killed Ferdinand to start its journey to make society more chaotic.

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