Item #: SCP-2547

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Monitor potentially susceptible towns and evacuate/amnesticize civilians if it shows up.

Laconic Description: A pack of 4000 canines that spontaneously appears in rural American towns in that have a population of less than 3000 people, and at least one reservoir and church. All members of SCP-2547 have human DNA.

SCP-2547-1 is a talking coyote wearing a leather jacket and a crucifix.

Upon the group's arrival, they'll surround the town and prevent people from leaving. Three days later, all the water in the reservoir will vanish and -1 will then start preaching canine-oriented sermons from the church. He will offer to trade a variety of items for water, but turns those with undesirable items into canines to be members of SCP-2547. On the next full moon the group gathers their traded items and departs.

SCP-2547-1 claims that he has been forgotten by society so he and his pack raid towns as a means of publicity. Extrapolating this, the Foundation helps produce and popularize a variety of coyote-themed media. In response to more people knowing about coyotes, SCP-2547 begins appearing less often.

Additional Context: Coyotes are widespread throughout Native American mythology as sly trickster gods of sorts; therefore it is implied that SCP-2547-1 is one of these gods simply trying to return to the public eye.

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