Item #: SCP-2521

Laconic Containment Procedures: Do not write or speak about SCP-2521. Communicate about SCP-2521 via pictograms. Only Level 4 and above personnel may know about SCP-2521.

Laconic Description: A humanoid being that can pass through walls and cannot understand picture-based information. Word-based communication about the entity catches its attention, and drives it to appear and take the source of the communication away. Notably, it is depicted as affectionate rather than hostile, hinting that it might be "collecting" said people and things out of appreciation.

This SCP is entirely written in pictograms.

Additional Context: SCP-2521 was originally written for the Short Works Contest in 2015. Part of the challenge of the contest was to write a successful mainlist article of 500 words or less. It was the winner of the contest, thanks in part to its unique format and clever execution.

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