Item #: SCP-245

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Special Containment Procedures: SCP-245 must be kept in a computer with a passcode available to level 4 and above. The passcode must be changed on a weekly basis to avoid problems. When a new SCP is added to the database 245 will have an update, it is to be updated within an hour. Should these conditions not meet the subject assigned the job will have 1 week suspended pay.

Laconic Description: SCP-245 is an RPG (Role Playing Game) of the SCP facility, including every SCP, Faculty Member, and the entire layout of the facility. The game centers around one (1) person in the faculty, which is entirely controlled by means of the person playing the game. This may be dangerous if the player manages to take control of an O5 Council Member or Site Director problems can arise. This "Game" additionally has the ability to take control of some other SCPs but appears to be limited to low class SCP.

Additional Context: SCP-245 is a real game made in RPG Maker. The code to access the main document is "welcome2corneria".

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