Item #: SCP-2414

Laconic Containment Procedures: Object must be locked up and guarded by people who don't know what it is or that it's anomalous. Shoot anyone who tries to get it without permission. If anyone talks about the object, deal with them. Don't do stuff with the object unless you're willing to mindwipe a bunch of people. If it gets out, send robots to get it back.

If you want to change these procedures, tell higher-ups that it's a fake object that's being used for an exam question.

Laconic Description: Object is a geometrically impossible metal object that convinces people it's not anomalous and needs to be taken away from the Foundation. Anyone who knows about the object is susceptible, but if you know how infohazards work you can probably resist it anyway. Object mindwipes anyone who manages to get it away from the Foundation.

We're not sure what happens if someone like the UIU watches over it on the Foundation's behalf, but we don't want to risk it.

Additional Context: SCP-2414 is, essentially, a weapon created by the Serpent's Hand to use against the Foundation. It's not a lethal one, mind you: it's more of a recruitment tool that lets the Hand acquire people they know are good at dealing with anomalous shit. The need to retrain these personnel is, to them, an acceptable tradeoff.

MTF Theta-17 is, as I envisioned them, trained to deal with the Serpent's Hand. Hence the nickname.

Fun fact: the proposed containment revision of "let the UIU handle containment, we'll send someone over so it's still technically in our custody" was actually proposed by another editor during development of the entry. I got about halfway through rewriting the procedures before the fridge logic hit me.

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