Item #: SCP-2380

Laconic Containment Procedures: Kept in a locker. If a containment breach happens, Junior Researcher Østergaard is to be protected.

Laconic Description: A human kidney, that is a genetic match to ████████ Østergaard. It seems healthy, despite the lack of blood flow.

In its passive state, it will rotate so that it is pointing towards Junior Researcher Østergaard at all times. It will enter an active state when it is being touched or held with bare skin by any human (apart from Junior Researcher Østergaard). Upon touching SCP-2380, the subject (designated SCP-2380-1) will attempt to implant the kidney in Junior Researcher Østergaard by any means possible. If tools are available, they will make use of them, but if there are no tools available they will use their own bare hands.

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