Scp 2351

Item #: SCP-2351

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep them in a shared enclosure, clip flight feathers, routine care detailed elsewhere.

Laconic Description: SCP-2351 is three Canada geese. When a human sees them, they are compelled to imitate goose noises (which is enjoyable, and the subject believes it is voluntary).

Additional Context: When the third goose was captured, a note from Are We Cool Yet? was found attached to its leg. The note lists four vaccinatable diseases and their annual death tolls (each being several hundred thousand). The note then references SCPs -682 and -173 and their annual death tolls (129 and 14 killed, respectively). Finally, the note references the three Canada geese of SCP-2351 and their annual deaths: zero.

The intention of this piece is to question the Foundation's priorities: even if 682 and 173 were uncontained, the number of deaths they cause would still not compare to the staggering death toll caused by preventable diseases every year. The point, then, is to show that the Foundation puts much more effort into containing completely harmless, somewhat enjoyable animals, rather than lending their resources to more relevant threats.

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