Item #: SCP-2331

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-2331 is being tracked by two MTFs, one to intercept SCP-2331's parties and capture him, and one to predict when his next party will be. As usual, any civilians involved have to be amnesticized.

Laconic Description: SCP-2331 is a sapient scarecrow with a glowing pumpkin for a head, who routinely hosts raves known as SCP-2331-P. While active any time of year, SCP-2331 operates the most often in October. When hosting events, SCP-2331 is known as Scravecrow, though his real name is Jack (see Additional Context for more information.)

SCP-2331 possesses the mind of a normal human, but uses procedurally generated voice samples to speak, and can alter reality slightly to enhance the experience of his parties, such as creating smoke, modifying humidity, and producing things commonly found at raves like glowsticks.

Additional Context: SCP-2331 is implied to be a minor patron deity named Jack, who may or may not be the Jack from the myth that gives Jack-O-Lanterns their name. Once responsible for Halloween and autumn, he became saddened after Halloween became subjected to the modern era, with time and technology overwriting his original intentions for Halloween. Because of this, Jack retired from his position, and assumed a new form as Scravecrow, hosting raves that, when combined with his minor reality-warping powers, return the eerie atmosphere of Halloween that he once lived to see.

Despite his colleague's pleading to let Jack live the new life he wants, the Foundation unfortunately cannot do that as in the end, he, as Scravecrow, is still an anomaly that must be contained.

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