Item #: SCP-2317-J

Object Class: Apollyon Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: "A sticky note that reads do NOT open - scp 2317 jk inside (wants to eat the world)" is placed on SCP-2317-J in order to prevent personnel from releasing SCP-2317-JK.

Laconic Description: SCP-2317-J is a door that's actually an interdimensional portal to another reality.

SCP-2317-JK is an obese humanoid entity standing about 200 km tall. It was originally restrained by 7 pillars which are now destroyed. It has attempted to escape the door multiple times ever since it destroyed the pillars.

Additional Context: This SCP has similarities to a line from "How to survive when reality dosen't" by Dr Clef, on the subject of the real SCP-2317.

…and even if that hadn’t’ve worked, how would it have fit through the damn door?

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