Item #: SCP-2317


Laconic Containment Procedures: Depending on the version you're looking at, either an intricate ritual or nothing.

Laconic Description: SCP-2317 shows different versions of its containment file for different levels of security clearance, from a Research Assistant's Level 0 up to an O5 Council member's view. All those below the O5 show an increasingly complex ritual used to contain an incredibly powerful, malicious demigod.

The O5's access reveals that this ritual actually does nothing. The ancient magic binding SCP-2317 (which, to be clear, is an incredibly powerful, malicious demigod) to its prison is fading, and there is literally no way of replicating or replacing it. The other containment procedures are a fabrication to prevent people from panicking.

The Foundation's plan for when SCP-2317 inevitably gets out is, apparently, the same as existing plans.

Additional Context: SCP-2317's chains are implied to be directly related to SCP-231-1 to SCP-231-7. Essentially, SCP-2317 is uncontainable and will eventually destroy all of reality.

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