Item #: SCP-2288

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-2288 is kept in a room with padded walls and two separate vents for filling with knockout gas. SCP-2288 has a mattress and softcover books and a television bolted to the wall. The remote control is special made to be soft and lightweight.

SCP-2288 needs to be watched at all times. If an outbreak of SCP-2288-A happens, fill the room with knockout gas and rush in to clear out SCP-2288-A instances and repair any damage done to the room.

SCP-2288 cannot be allowed to use utensils to eat and they aren't allowed to hoard food or drink except a bottle of water.

Dead SCP-2288-A instances must be checked for any contraband and put in the on-site morgue. If any SCP-2288-A is hazardous in some way, it should be cremated after an autopsy

Laconic Addendum: SCP-2288 tried to pull an NK-Class scenario on 08/21/2014 and has been relocated to Site-299 until its former site can be cleaned and repaired.

Laconic Description: SCP-2288 is a teenage girl who, when physically threatened, spawns dead bodies that are exact copies of herself. They seem to be a part of her, but fall dead when she moves in some way. These bodies are labelled SCP-2288-A. Some instances of SCP-2288-A have copies of nearby objects on them, or objects SCP-2288 has recently touched.

SCP-2288 cannot directly control when this happens, but can trigger it when she puts herself in a dangerous situation. Nothing seems to stop this.

This was first discovered when SCP-2288 suffered an injury at college and an instance of SCP-2288-A came from her. Police were called, the Foundation found out, and amnesticized everyone and took her in.

SCP-2288 does not like being in containment and has been intentionally hurting herself in order to trigger more SCP-2288-A copies in order to spite the Foundation. Autopsies on SCP-2288-A instances show they have died as a result of the situations SCP-2288 puts herself in. E.g., if SCP-2288 bangs her head against a wall and spawns a copy of herself, the copy will have died from banging her head against a wall hard enough to be fatal.

Autopsies do not indicate where SCP-2288 copies come from. Future deceased copies bear the same bruises and scars that SCP-2288 has sustained in the process of spawning more copies.

Laconic Experiment Logs: Several researchers were strongly opposed to experimenting on the girl. Experiments were authorized nonetheless to determine:

  • Does she have direct control over this anomaly
  • Does she have indirect control
  • Can she spawn copies of inanimate objects without spawning copies of herself
  • Can she spawn a live copy of herself Inconclusive

Laconic Experiment-01: SCP-2288 is tied in a straight jacket and left alone for 6 hours at a time. They are fed normally and can watch TV. After 4 days she becomes violent and must be sedated. Nothing happens after 9 days. SCP-2288 then released from jacket.
Laconic Prognosis: An instance of SCP-2288-A appeared after end of experiment. Time of death was between 6-18 hours before the end of the experiment. Subject had some pain and numbness but nothing serious.

Laconic Experiment-02: SCP-2288 given bulletproof vest and shot with pistol. Subject falls to floor in pain. No copy is spawned during test.
Laconic Prognosis: Subject suffers bruising. A copy is spawned during medical treatment.

Laconic Experiment-03: SCP-2288 put in medically induced coma. [DATA EXPUNGED]. We fucked up massively. Extensive damage done to medical area.
Laconic Prognosis: Subject will be fine.

Laconic Experiment-04: SCP-2288 given small doses of poison and treated for arsenic poisoning. Several dozen copies are spawned before she can be fully treated.
Laconic Prognosis: Copies of the subject seemed to be occupying the same space as her and were under pressure, threatening to burst out of her if she was not allowed to move.

Experiments end

Laconic Addendum-1: SCP-2288 managed to spawn a live copy of herself in 2014. While the usual copies are in the same clothing she is in, this live copy was in completely different clothing and had a schoolbag.

The live copy was designated SCP-2288-B and shows no scars or bruises consistent with those SCP-2288 sustained in containment. Schoolbooks were found in her bag, along with a student ID with her name and the then current year.

Some of the items recovered from her bag seem to be anomalous.

  • Two history textbooks
  • A notebook with class syllabi. The classes include "History of the World up to 1650", "Introduction to Thermodynamics", "Reinventing the Wheel" (out of print), "The Red Dragon: The Qing Empire from 1644 to Today", "Blood, Broads, and Bastards: Medieval Lives in West Europe"
  • A handwritten letter to "Ana"

Laconic Addendum-2: On 08/21/2014, SCP-2288-B asked to meet SCP-2288. During the meeting, SCP-2288 murdered SCP-2288-B. SCP-2288-B began spawning deceased copies of itself and this did not stop. The entire floor on-site had to be evacuated because of the bodies being spawned. As of late 2014 they have been unable to find SCP-2288-B's original body and have to haul out and incinerate hundreds of copies every day to try to reach her. SCP-2288 was interrogated after this.

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