Item #: SCP-217

Object Class: Keter.

Laconic Containment Procedures: It is kept behind reverse-pressure airlocks to prevent the spreading of the virus. If there is a breach, containment doors will seal shut and the system will spray a chemical known as ZEER-217-11, which is not explained in the document but it’s possibly used to weaken the virus. If someone is infected with it, they are mandatorily locked up in quarantine and observed.

Laconic Description: It is a deadly virus with 100% Infectivity and no cure. It can infect all living beings, including humans, animals, insects and other living organisms. Any physical contact with SCP-217 will result in immediate infection, but the process is very slow. When infected, all organic material in the body will turn into clockwork.

Additional Context: After the description of SCP-217, it explains the symptoms of the infection, the first being increased lethargy, (meaning lack of energy,) then a constant ticking noise that annoys the subject. Next, the subject will feel a sharp pain in their body, similar to that when they are being cut by a knife, due to the conversion from flesh to clockwork. This sharp pain can last for days or longer. After that, the metal will begin to show on the outside. Some subjects have even gained the material of leather, glass, wood or rubber. There is a note after the symptoms that if a subject is infected with SCP-217, they are not allowed to be near SCP-882, (because if they come in contact with it, they will become affixed to it.)
SCP-217 is also known as the “Blood of the Broken God.”

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