Item #: SCP-214

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-214 is contained in a 4 x 4 meter quarantine cell used as a long-term human home in the Bio-Research Area-12. SCP-214 must be considered as a biologically risky level four agent. Level four requires sterilized rooms, decontamination showers before and after access, and vacuum antechambers. SCP-214 must be considered as a danger to oneself and others and must not come into possession of potentially dangerous tools. Given SCP-214's particular perception of pain, the guards must not cause physical injury unless under the direction of Level-2 personnel.
In addition to the procedures listed above, anyone wishing to interact with SCP-214 must undergo psychological evaluation. emotional flattening.

Laconic Description: SCP-214 is a man, age ██, formally Agent █████ of the Foundation. Physical and mental changes were noted after the investigation of the incident ███ at the Public Library of ██████, ██. The blood of SCP-214 is a mixture of complex organo-metal components in a serum rich in proteins and lipids, but beyond that, nothing else has been discovered, including its origin and its purpose. The body shows a remarkable selective regenerative capacity, some wounds are cured instantly after being inflicted while others remain for a longer period of time than it would take a normal human being to heal them.

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