Item #: SCP-2077

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep checking pharmaceutical companies and illegal drug dealers for any SCP-2077. Buy it if found. Set up an anti-SCP-2077 campaign. Foundation front company "Sunrise Care Practitioners" will distribute generic drugs in areas SCP-2077 appears in under the guise of being SCP-2077 itself.

Laconic Description: SCP-2077 is a brand of pills manufactured by a company called "The Stuff Industry". The pills that make up SCP-2077 are filled with random garbage or other debris. When the pills are emptied out, they no longer work.

Use of SCP-2077 over a few weeks to a month causes people to grow tumors that quickly break open to reveal new flesh or organs underneath. The original flesh is gradually replaced with new flesh and new organs, leaving the original body parts to fall off. The new flesh is exactly the same as the old flesh except it's newer and fresher.

People who use SCP-2077 begin not recognizing parts of their own body, similar to Gerstmann's Syndrome (in which people cannot distinguish between left and right, cannot tell the difference between fingers) and/or autotopagnosia (in which people do not recognize parts of their own body). They have trouble walking and using their arms and hands. It's easier for them to coordinate when looking at themselves in a mirror, but can't identify their own body.

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