Item #: SCP-2077

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep checking pharmaceutical companies and illegal drug dealers for any SCP-2077. Buy it if found. Set up an anti-SCP-2077 campaign. Foundation front company "Sunrise Care Practitioners" will distribute generic drugs in areas SCP-2077 appears in under the guise of being SCP-2077 itself.

Laconic Description: SCP-2077 is a type of drug pretending to be painkillers or antidepressants manufactured by a company called "The Stuff Industry" with a crayon-drawn logo. The pills that make up SCP-2077 are filled with random garbage or other debris. When the pills are emptied out, they no longer work.

SCP-2077 was found in a drug bust in Malaysia on "The Stuff Industry" and since then it's popped up around the world.

Use of SCP-2077 over a few weeks to a month causes people to grow tumors that quickly break open to reveal new flesh or organs underneath. The original flesh is gradually replaced with new flesh and new organs, leaving the original body parts to fall off. The new flesh is exactly the same as the old flesh except it's newer and fresher.

People who use SCP-2077 begin not recognizing parts of their own body, similar to Gerstmann's Syndrome (in which people cannot distinguish between left and right, cannot tell the difference between fingers) and/or autotopagnosia (in which people do not recognize parts of their own body). They have trouble walking and using their arms and hands. It's easier for them to coordinate when looking at themselves in a mirror, but can't identify their own body.

Experiment Log

150 D-Class were divided into 5 different groups to test SCP-2077
Group 1 knew all about SCP-2077 and were given placebos
Group 2 knew all about SCP-2077 and were given emptied out SCP-2077 pills
Group 3 knew all about SCP-2077 and were given the garbage in SCP-2077 pills placed in regular pill capsules
Group 4 did not know about SCP-2077 and were given SCP-2077
Group 5 knew all about SCP-2077 and were given SCP-2077. This is the control group

Testing lasted 3 months

Group 1 (Placebo)
Time Effects
3 Weeks Nothing.
6 Weeks 11 of 30 said they felt better, but nothing changed with them.
9 Weeks Nothing.
12 Weeks Nothing.
15 Weeks 5 claim to be "cured" of their supposed mental illnesses but they were lying. Nothing else happened.
Group 2 (Empty)
Time Effects
3 Weeks False alarm in one subject.
6 Weeks 4 subjects feel a little bit better.
9 Weeks Nothing.
12 Weeks Nothing.
15 Weeks Nothing.
Group 3 (Alternate Capsules)
Time Effects
3 Weeks 6 had stomachaches due to allergic reactions..
6 Weeks 19 claim to be feeling better, but no improvement is detected.
9 Weeks One accidentally took too many pills filled with salt and is hospitalized.
12 Weeks Nothing.
15 Weeks Nothing.
Group 4 (SCP-2077)
Time Effects
3 Weeks 28 of 30 lose teeth and nails and grow new ones, and grow new skin and body fat. Security camera footage of them sleeping shows the tumors growing into new flesh. Cleaning crews clear it out so the subjects don't freak out. One subject's acne is cured.
6 Weeks 14 of 30 gain new arms and/or legs and have trouble walking and using their hands. They also cannot feel anything with their new arms and legs.
9 Weeks All 30 subjects some new flesh, with 7 people coughing up their old internal organs.
12 Weeks 4 of 30 claim to be cured of eczema, cirrhosis of the liver, renal failure, and insomnia.
15 Weeks 25 of 30 claim to be cured of everything physical and mental. 21 of the 25 still cannot identify parts of their own body and feel like they have prosthetic limbs. 3 think they died and were placed in new bodies. One subject claims to be two people in one body.
> Group 5 (Control)
Time Effects
3 Weeks Same as Group 4.
6 Weeks Same.
9 Weeks Same.
12 Weeks One subject grew an entire new body overnight and claimed God gave them a new shot at life. Unfortunately they can't feel any of their new body and is paralyzed from the waist down.

Laconic Addendum: Continued use of SCP-2077 can cause someone to replace their entire body with new flesh and organs all at once. Their original body is lifeless while they appear to remain inside their new body. The issues with body identification are most severe in this case.

One person said SCP-2077 killed them and cloned them. Three people consider themselves completely different people and distinguish between their "old selves" and "new selves".

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