Item #: SCP-204

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-204-1 and SCP-204-2 are kept in a vacuum sealed shell with high air pressure made of reinforced concrete and steel plating. A security team is to guard it 24/7. The only time D-Class can enter is during SCP-204-1's feeding time or for maintenance. SCP-204-1's diet consists of animal meat (preferably alive) but D-Class work too; SCP-204-2, however, is of a normal human diet. SCP-204-2 can ask for anything within reason and given O5 approval.

In the event of a containment breach then an EMP is activated and security teams are supposed to neutralize SCP-204-2 to protect SCP-204-1.

Laconic Description: SCP-204-1 is a semi-organic nano-tech colony that follows SCP-204-2 as a form of protector. SCP-204-1 spends the majority of its time in a dispersed cloud, where it is almost impossible to perceive with normal human senses. SCP-204-1 is vulnerable to normal means, and can be temporarily forced into its dispersed state if enough damage is inflicted.

SCP-204-2 is always a child, ranging from four to fourteen years old. Physically, there is nothing outstanding about SCP-204-2 besides its ability to call upon SCP-204-1. All instances of SCP-204-2 have had a history of abuse and/or danger, with many developing acute mental disorders as a result, so great care must be taken to keep them in a stable state. If SCP-204-2 is terminated or reaches the age of fourteen, then SCP-204-1 will abandon it and find a new child to "imprint" on. If SCP-204-1 cannot find a suitable child, it will immediately materialize and go berserk, attacking anything in sight.

It has been noted that all incidences of SCP-204-2 begin to adopt much more aggressive behavior with little regard for human life after coming into contact with SCP-204-1. It is theorized that since SCP-204-1 requires organic flesh for sustenance, it needs SCP-204-2 to be in danger in order to "justify" its activation.

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