Item #: SCP-2021

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep it in a dark box at least 30 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm. Tell someone if any pages are lost.

Laconic Description: SCP-2021 is 131 sheets of paper that were found in a box with "single-sided paper, please hold by the sides, patent pending place for my stuff" written on it. The pages only have one side, with one side (top) being normal paper, and the other side (bottom) being empty space. If you put the paper face-down, you can't pick it up again. Storing it in a clear container caused some pages to disappear in this way. For some reason, dark containers are fine.

Experiments 2021-01 - 03
Dr. Jaime Marlowe is testing with two D-Class and a hamster
Note: Before the experiment even began, Dr. Marlowe lost a page.

Log 1: Dr. Marlowe puts a piece of tape on the edge of the paper and puts the paper down over a hamster from the top-side down. Hamster is visible but might be freaking out. It crawls out from under the paper. Dr. Marlowe gets the paper back using the tape on the edge.

Log 2: Several sheets of paper are taped together and hung from the ceiling to make a portal on the bottom side. The D-Class stand on opposite sides of the paper. The D-Class facing the bottom side could clearly see the other D-Class. The other D-Class could see the shadow of the first D-Class through the top side. The first D-Class reached into the paper and got a papercut.

Log 3: Dr. Marlowe did the same experiment with the first D-Class. Dr. Marlowe was facing the top side of the paper, the D-Class the bottom side. They could talk to each other. Dr. Marlowe told the D-Class to reach through the paper and grab a glass tube on the table next to her. The D-Class did so and had the glass tube in their hand. The glass tube next to Dr. Marlowe was also still there. Now there are two glass tubes.

Laconic Addendum 1: The D-Class went to a doctor complaining that their arm felt different. They got a psychological checkup and they found nothing was wrong. The symptoms the D-Class described sound like agnosia, which is a disorder in which someone is unable to recognize objects, sounds, shapes, or smells, in this case with their arm. Dr. Marlowe might have the same problem with her fingers that touched the bottom side of SCP-2021.

Laconic Addendum 2: A few weeks later, people complained about a smell like a dead body in the room where Dr. Marlowe experimented with SCP-2021. They cleaned the room twice, using heavy chemicals, but the smell didn't go away. The room's been closed off due to the smell.

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