Item #: SCP-2020

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-2020 is kept in a standard humanoid containment cell and fed shredded paper daily. Everything it says should be written down.

Laconic Description: SCP-2020 looks like a sterotypical "grey alien", like you see in popular culture, and associated with the Roswell Incident. Its body is made mostly of rubber, and it only eats paper and water. It claims that it comes from an advanced alien civilization, but it can't keep its story straight.

SCP-2020 talks a lot about ideas it has for science fiction stories, but it never writes any stories because it can't settle on an idea. In an interview, it describes seven story ideas that parallel, in order, SCP-2000, SCP-2099, SCP-2085, SCP-2048, SCP-2003, SCP-2020 itself, and SCP-2001-J. For each, it describes some part of the story as cliche with the phrase "Cliche, right?", hence the name of the article.

Additional Context: Written as an "affectionate parody" according to the author, the article pokes fun of several entries in the SCP-2000 contest. It also highlights the fact that every idea sounds dumb when you think about it as a collection of tropes, cliches, and plot twists.

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