Item #: SCP-2012

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: During an event called the Marian Event, Alpha-1 is to ride to the position of SCP-2012 and claim to be a member of the Second Augustan Legion, claiming they had been massacred and for SCP-2012 to remain in their current position and fortify themselves. Any means necessary is to be used to convince them. If this is not accomplished after 10 hours, a Mobile Task Force will contain them by force.

Alpha-2 and -3 will do the same at their respective areas in Israel and Armenia.

Laconic Description: SCP-2012 refers to the collective members of Legio IX Hispana, a Imperial Roman legion that disappeared from historical record in the 100's CE for an unknown reason. This legion will appear in the beginning of March at any the three regions specified above, and after one week, disappear again. They will be confused by their location but will maintain that they are still in 100 CE.

Their memories usually do not carry onto each iterations, although the soldiers do occasionally retain conflicting memories.

Additional Context: This SCP is an attempt to explain the real life Legio IX Hispana which did disappear out of historical records in the 100's CE and was indeed theorized to have been destroyed in battles against Britons, Jews or Parthians.

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