Item #: SCP-2011

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: All wilderness in a 20 km radius around the site of SCP-2011 is designated as a jungle preservation and trespassers are to be detained, questioned and administered amnestics. The SCP-2011 population is to be catalogued. After an incident, no bodies are to be collected.

Laconic Description: SCP-2011 is a remote tribal village located in the jungle of the Yucatán Peninsula. Inhabitants of SCP-2011 are born in a state of decay and reforms into a complete form over time until they die. However, despite visual looks, their body acts if it was completely formed throughout their lifetime in terms of digesting food, et cetera.

Corpses are transported to a temple by a village shaman to undergo a ceremony where it dematerializes. The shaman has an unproven ability to communicate with their god, Tlaloc, the Mesoamerican god of fertility. The shaman designates a successor close to death, who inserts a redacted object to grant it the shaman powers.

Additional Context: A translated holy book details the origin story of the village, where a deity called the Jeweled Turkey, Chalchiuhtotolin becomes jealous against overwhelming worship for only Tlaloc, sending plagues and seeking to kill Tlaloc. However, Chalchiuhtotolin is defeated and he curses the disciples of Tlaloc, who become the villagers of SCP-2011.

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