Item #: SCP-2004

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-2004 is contained at Armed Reliquary Containment Area-02. To reduce the chance of exposure to SCP-2004 as much as possible, it is to be handled through a nondescript procedure dubbed "Blind Leading the Blind." The same must be done to contain those already affected.

Laconic Description: SCP-2004 is a series of five PDAs of extraterrestrial origin, though only one functions. Each PDA contains documents written in a language based off of molecular bonds, L-2004, that alters the minds of those who read it to only read, speak, and write in said language.

Eventually, those affected gain advanced craftsmanship, and become able to infuse their work with anomalous properties. This has only gotten worse over time, starting from a pocket EMP to a communications blocker and hacker intended to infect and later destroy ARC A-02.

The one document on the last functioning PDA is strangely written in the format of an SCP document, and appears to be what is best described as an alternate SCP-001 document, stating that some overarching species has unleashed countless anomalies on the universe, and has been indoctrinated and put on Earth to keep them from doing more.

SCP-2004's document ends with an O5 addendum stating that the document on the PDA refers to humanity, who had uncontrollable reality-bending powers before the indoctrination occurred, resulting in most contained SCPs being brought into existence. It also states that the Overseers are in on the containment of humans, in order to bring the production of new anomalies to a standstill, and to prevent reality from collapsing. As compensation, the aliens who created SCP-2004 will reward them with transcendence.

Additional Context: SCP-2004 was an entry in the 2000 Contest, where it won 14th place.

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