Item #: SCP-2001

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-2001 is uncontainable. Gamma and Beta type individuals should be monitored; if they are employed by major agencies involved in space exploration and research, they should be removed and have their memories erased.

Alpha type individuals should be detained and held at Wing ██ of Sector ██, and kept away from astronomical equipment. All Foundation personnel should be screened for SCP-2001.

Laconic Description: SCP-2001 is an anomalous series of brain waves that occur during sleep. The part of the brain responsible for emotional reactions will become more active for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, the person will display one of three responses (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma) based on when SCP-2001 occurred during sleep. There do not appear to be any factors determining who becomes affected by SCP-2001, but recently a large amount of people who deal with space are affected.

The responses are divided as follows:

  • Gamma: People who are affected by SCP-2001 during the second stage of Non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep are designated Gamma-type individuals. They are normal, except they have a negative attitude towards space travel and exploration, refuse to discuss these topics, and will avoid organizations connected with space exploration. █% of the population is affected by this type.
  • Beta: Beta-type individuals experience SCP-2001 during the third stage of NREM sleep. Beta-type individuals are more strongly opposed to space exploration, declaring it "dangerous" and "pointless," and they will frequently construct conspiracy theories related to humans in space. ██% of space-related conspiracies were made by Beta-types, including [REDACTED], who has no connection to the SCP Foundation.
  • Alpha: Alpha-types experience SCP-2001 during Rapid Eye Movement sleep. Alpha-types will attempt to directly harm or interfere with space travel.
  • The article ends with an e-mail from SCP-2001's head researcher to a site director, in which the researcher explains that there is a fourth response type (Alpha-Prime) which will cause individuals to violate their moral beliefs in order to halt space exploration. It is caused by hearing certain "trigger phrases" during conversation with infected people. The Foundation keeps this secret because they fear it could cause an outbreak of fear and paranoia among personnel if it got out.

Additional Context: SCP-2001 was an entry in the SCP-2001 Contest, where it won 26th place.

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