Item #: SCP-2000

Laconic Containment Procedures: Few people are permitted to know this SCP exists, and among those allowed, even fewer can explore it fully. Personnel cannot leave its vicinity, and need to have their memories erased upon reassignment. The SCP must be activated in case of a world-ending scenario.

Laconic Description: It is a subterranean facility located in Yellowstone, meant to reconstruct civilization in the event that the world ends. In the facility are machines to create up to 100,000 replications of humans per day (the memories and knowledge of Foundation personnel are kept to ensure they are recreated precisely), vast amounts of equipment (such as construction materials and agricultural tools), and a cultural base housing copies of famous works and a backup of the internet. The machinery can even turn back time in a way, though it is a long and slow process.

There is an implication that the facility has already been used to revert the apocalypse, as despite it being less than a century old, human remains dated of 450-700 yrs old have been found.

Additional Context: The title, "Deus Ex Machina", is a reference to a literary trope in which a seemingly-unsolvable problem (i.e. the end of the world) is solved by the unexpected intervention of some new character or event (in this case, SCP-2000). It literally translates as "God from the machine". This article was the winner of the SCP-2000 Contest.

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