Item #: SCP-1983

Object Class: Keter (Presumed Neutralized)

Laconic Containment Procedures: The farmhouse containing SCP-1983 is disguised as a chemical plant, keep all entrances guarded. Everybody working there must be highly religious and all ammo is silver. Since it might be neutralized, containment is rather lax, so just keep an eye on it in case something happens.

Laconic Description: SCP-1983 is a farmhouse containing an area that is impossible to see into, and lead to an unknown area that is sort of an endless farm house with rooms leading to other rooms in non-euclidean style. Nobody who has gone in has ever come back.

Occasionally, pure black humanoid entities will exit these doors, and they will reach into the chests of people (without actually opening a hole in their chest) and rip out their heart, then return to through the door. These entities can be defeated using silver rounds while praying, heavily implying that they are demons and the area on the other side of the door is hell.

At some point, the doors stopped leading to darkness and instead led to their natural rooms, which contained the corpses of every agent or Class D sent in. We assume that it was neutralized by D-14134, and he was awarded the Foundation Star, being only one of two Class D to receive it.

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