Item #: SCP-195

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: The Foundation only has one case with 17 bottles. It's kept in Site-1279. At least 2 level 4 agents must sign permission and a security guard must accompany anyone who wants to see SCP-195. You also have to have a hazmat suit and breathing mask for evaporated SCP-195.

Other SCP-195 instances could exist. Field agents are to watch for similar bottle designs and something else. If discovered a team with hazmat suits and breathing masks needs to pick it up.

Laconic Description: SCP-195 is a whiskey that heightens sensory awareness but dulls impulse control and makes them more violent. Was sold in the pre-civil war South by slave traders and was hanged. One D-class was willing and enjoying a horrible activity and terminated after starting to do something else. After the SCP-195 wears off, the drinker slowly dies from ulcers in the stomach and lungs. SCP-195 was discovered by the son of a historian who committed murder and died from SCP-195's effects.

Additional Information: The men who sold SCP-195 are still alive and are currently being hunted by the foundation.

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