Item #: SCP-1934

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: Lock it.

Laconic Description: SCP-1934 is a phenomenon in the former office of Dr. Jaime Marlowe in which nothing and no one can go inside. The objects that were in the office are still in there and the lights are still on but nothing can go through and no one knows why. The office was being cleaned and so the only objects in it were an empty filing cabinet and an oscillating fan. The fan still moves. Cutting off the power to the office doesn't stop the fan or turn off the lights inside. If this can be explained in some way, it's beyond current technology levels to even detect what's happening.

At one point, Dr. Marlowe managed to accidentally find a tiny opening near the bottom and slide a sheet of paper into SCP-1934 and it slid up to the fan. The fan doesn't blow the paper away so there might be no atmosphere in there. Testing is suspended since we've gotten too much stuff stuck in the opening.

Laconic Addendum-1: Before the opening got stuffed, we manage to slide a cracker and some thin sliced apples into the opening. A month later, the apple slices haven't rotted or attracted ants.

Laconic Addendum-2: At 04:14 on █/██/2014, cameras caught two people in hazmat suits inside of SCP-1934, walking around despite their knees being sunk into the floor. They seemed to be walking through the floor without any problems. They began laying out some mutilated corpses in the room. One of them spotted the security camera and they panicked and ran away, disappearing through the locked door.

We can't reach the bodies to test them, but they all look like Jaime Marlowe. Some of them are missing pieces of their body. Nothing's happened since then.

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