Item #: SCP-1933-EX

Object Class: Explained

Laconic Containment Procedures: It is unlikely that SCP-1933 can be removed from its lake. Civilians seeing SCP-1933 are to be given amnestics; Foundation personnel viewing documentation concerning SCP-1933 are to either be given amnestics or shown SCP-1933 first-hand. These procedures have been discontinued and crossed out.

Laconic Description: SCP-1933 is allegedly a monster that lives in a lake in British Columbia. However, all sightings of it have been easily shown to be easily explained, and all photos and footage clear hoaxes.

The original documentation says the monster is real and occasionally attacks humans. It is cognitohazardous, such that only people who witness it first-hand believe it to be real; people hearing testimony, seeing pictures, or viewing footage dismiss it as fake.

Dr. Reynold, the researcher in charge of the investigation, planned to live-stream the monster to prove to the Foundation that it was real. However, he was reprimanded for creating an animatronic that resembled the monster. Dr. Reynolds was later found dead due to a boating accident despite no boat being found; reports of him being 'half-eaten' are being investigated.

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