Item #: SCP-1893

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: The foundation doesn't really know the best way to hold it, so just try not to talk about it over digital mediums and all stories about it are kept as hard copies in the site directors office. A copy of them all is kept on Site 38's mainframe. If something weird is happening with SCP-1893, write new stories about it on the mainframe.

Laconic Description: A very very meta SCP, SCP-1893 is a strange sort of story infection. Whenever anything mentions SCP-1893, it becomes a fictional story, but will maintain the original message in the form of dialogue. These stories will be forced to include a new character who is unusually tall, muscular, and has tattoos of bulls all over him. Depending on his mood he may be more present in the story when angry, in one case turning a story into a full containment breach narrative, or if he is docile then he will barely appear, maybe getting an off-hand reference at most. It is aware of who is reading it and is capable of directly talking to the reader.

Additional Context: There is a very interesting means of redaction in this document, in that the final piece of text referring to how SCP-1893 can be destroyed is not actually redacted, but it is always cut off by in-story elements, such as the character dying or a sudden intrusion.

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