Item #: SCP-186

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: An automated security perimeter surrounds SCP-186. Access is forbidden.

Laconic Description: Two inventors gave German and Russian contingents a variety of anomalous weapons towards the end of World War I; SCP-186 is the site of their battle. These weapons were incredibly advanced, horrifying, and often unreasonably cruel. Since one of them made it impossible to die, soldiers from this battle (driven completely insane) survive to this day.

Numerous other, presumably related anomalies happen in the area of SCP-186.

Additional Context: World War I was a horrifying war. The drudgery and insanity of trench warfare, widespread chemical warfare, and the carnage enabled by being the first truly mechanized war left a psychological scar on Europe and elsewhere.

Before the war, many intellectuals thought that if war were made too terrible to bear, wars would end. This did not happen. SCP-186 represents an exaggerated version of these ideas and the outcome of their failure.

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