Item #: SCP-1763-EX

Object Class: None

Laconic Containment Procedures: No plans for the containment of SCP-1763-EX have been composed.

Laconic Description: SCP-1763-EX begins its first iteration as a dangerous carnivorous mammal that camouflages itself through perception-altering capabilities. It also changes its physiology to adapt to its environment. The next iteration has edits made to have more aggressive suppressive containment procedures and the qualities of SCP-1763-EX are more descriptive and more dangerous, being 18 meters in length and can disguise its physical appearance and sounds, and is capable of removing memories.

The third iteration has most of the article rewritten with SCP-1793 contained in woodlands and it is now 24 meters in length and has a huge radius of memetic effect to prevent its perception. Finally, SCP-1763 is now described to be completely imperceptible both physically and conceptually.

It is revealed that the iterations of SCP-1793 were found on the computer of an unknown researcher and are assumed to be a nonexistent anomaly written by the researcher for recreational purposes. A disclaimer follows that the danger from the descriptions of SCP-1793 is entirely fictional. Whether this is true or just the qualities of the original SCP is unknown.

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