Item #: SCP-1730

Object Class: Neutralized

Laconic Containment Procedures: Even though it's now gone, don't let anywhere near where it vanished from.

Laconic Description: SCP-1730 is Site-13 from an alternate timeline that contains a machine capable of teleporting the entire facility to other universes or timelines. After the Foundation's final exploration attempt, the machine is triggered and SCP-1730 is relocated to another universe.

The Foundation in SCP-1730's original universe stored almost every anomaly they could find there, even managing to stow away Dr. Clef's Proposal and SCP-2845, both of which appear in a three-way battle with an unnamed god near the end of the explanation logs.

Additional Context: The "meat" of SCP-1730's article is found in its Addendums and Exploration Logs, which tell the story of what the Foundation finds inside. Due to their extreme length and tendency to read like a movie script more than an Exploration Log, SCP-1730 is functionally one of the longest articles on the entire Wiki.

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