Item #: SCP-173

Laconic Containment Procedures: Three people are to clean its containment room once every two weeks. One is to mop, two to watch it, warning when they blink. At least one person must keep eye contact with the statue.

Laconic Description: SCP-173 is a statue made of concrete, rebar, and spraypaint that moves when not observed and breaks peoples necks. A mixture of feces and blood appears in its container over time, necessitating cleaning. Its origin is as of yet unknown.

Additional Context: SCP-173 was the first SCP ever written, originally posted on 4chan’s /x/ (Paranormal) board in 2007. Because of this, SCP-173 is the only article that will never be edited or updated in an official capacity, to preserve its history as the catalyst that spawned the entire site.

While early in its history comparisons were made between SCP-173 and Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels, evidence shows that SCP-173 was apparently posted about a month before Blink aired.

The image used in SCP-173 is a secondary use of the image of the art piece "Untitled 2004", which was created by Izumi Kato. The concept of SCP-173 does not have any relationship with the artist's original concept of "Untitled 2004". Through an agreement with the artist, the SCP Foundation wiki has limited permission to use the 173 image on its site; however, this also comes with the requirement of the out-of-universe note at the bottom of SCP-173’s page, and the fact that the SCP Foundation may never use the SCP-173 image for profit.

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