Item #: SCP-1692

Laconic Containment: Fence off an area of swamp it lives in. Guard it with guys pretending to be park rangers and make sure no one gets inside. If someone does, try to rescue them.

Laconic Description: SCP-1692 is a weird spooky woman walking around the swamp taking animals and humans and doing something to them, causing their bodies to change and their DNA to change. Most of the things it takes don't survive and so we find the bodies. The people that do survive are changed physically and/or mentally.

Laconic History: Bobby Dunbar may have been taken by SCP-1692. SCP-1692 may have also taken the child later raised as "Bobby Dunbar" but that child escaped and was later claimed by Mrs. Dunbar as Bobby Dunbar. He lived out his life as Bobby Dunbar until DNA testing done by his descendants revealed he was not Bobby Dunbar. The remains acquired by the Foundation may be the actual Bobby Dunbar but it is not possible to tell due to damage to the DNA.

Later, a young woman escaped the swamp missing her left eye and with some stitches on her left jaw. She saw SCP-1692 itself and described it for the Foundation. The Foundation also found a body that was identical to her and she freaked out. The Foundation gave her amnestics and let her go.

Ever since the Foundation put up security cameras, SCP-1692 has been keeping a low profile and only taking animals instead of people.

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