Item #: SCP-163

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: Its cell is to have multiple rooms including a receiving room, a storage room, a workshop, and a sleep area, with filtered air monitored by computer and checked by staff. Two lighting systems provide varying amounts of radiation, one that is always on and one that SCP-163 can turn off on their own. You need to wear a special isolation suit before entering. SCP-163 can leave its cell as long as it too is in an isolation suit. It carries a UV Flashlight with it when out of its cell, and is to be accompanied by a junior researcher who is always recording and prevents them from going places they shouldn't. Once every three days, give SCP-163 a barrel to pour SCP-163-1 into.

Laconic Description: An alien. It has a cylindrical body with a mouth at the bottom and a rounded top, an eye going full 360 degrees around near the top, 8 three jointed legs, two small and weak arms, and two large and strong arms. It is believed to have crash landed on earth millions of years ago, and there might be more out there. It can not live in earth's atmosphere and thus needs a special containment cell to simulate its home worlds. SCP-163-1 is another device that somehow helps SCP-163 stay alive, but we aren't allowed to study it tell SCP-163 dies. It once painted a landscape of its home, and immediately became distraught. It now paints regularly.

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