SCP-1609 - The Remains of a Chair
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Item #: SCP-1609

Object Class: Euclid, actively keep in mind to not upset it

Laconic Containment Procedures: Used as mulch in a flower bed. Its flowers must be cared for and praised, and informed of any care conducted on it.

No one is supposed to wear a uniform, carry a weapon or bring any motorized machines around the flower bed, to not risk upsetting SCP-1609. If it is upset, the area is to be evacuated and for a mediator to peacefully calm it down.

Laconic Description: It used to be E-622, a wooden oak chair with the backboard and armrests carved into the shape of a woman. It can teleport, as it used to offer itself as a seat for someone to use. The Global Occult Coalition originally had it before they threw it into a wood chipper. Turned into splinters, leather shreds and nails, it teleported into the lungs and suffocated anyone who tried to stop its escape. Traumatized from the experience, it ran away to the Foundation as it was the only option it trusted.

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