Item #: SCP-1548

Laconic Containment Procedures: 10 Foundation satellites must monitor the south pole of SCP-1548. All Foundation items outside of any planet in our solar system must make monitoring of SCP-1548 their secondary mission.

Undercover Foundation agents in scientific organizations will provide misleading information about SCP-1548 and say that whatever SCP-1548 is doing is just an unusual natural phenomenon.

Laconic Description: A star moving on a trajectory that will endanger our solar system in the future. Foundation scientists initially believed the star to be no different than any other, until it was A) observed pulsing out Morse code that translates to hateful threats in the English language and B) found to be omniscient.

Additional Context: Incident 682-1548: During an SCP-682 containment breach, the SCP killed multiple personnel, entered a room dedicated to observing SCP-1548, and used the room's communication gear to send angry messages back towards SCP-1548. Eventually, the two "rap battled" with each other.

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